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    2deg wedge using stock grate ?

    Recently fitted 2deg wedge, 4 inch intake and riva grate to my x charger 42lb inj 2007 rxt,(8 hours on x charger) used to keep up with my mates 2008 rxp,
    I also added a 4 inch intake with a k&n (ebay copy )

    The ski feels like its lost about 50 hp takes off well but the rxp walks away up top ..

    1. Im thinking the ebay air filter might be an issue going to remove it and just run open(has any one done this?) Stock they don't run one
    2 . Heard the riva grates are not very good is there a problem using the 2deg pump wedge with a stock grate ? Thinking of trying the stock grate again .
    Thanks guys

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    May be the K&N is a problem as the filter may restrict the air flow.(depends on the one you bought)
    Test it without the filter then if it improves, remove the filter insert.

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    You will lose speed moving away from the stock RXT intake grate but gain hookup. With the standard RXT setup and a wedge, hard launches are basically just rabbit jumping out of the water. The T-X setup or VTS will cure this.

    You should be able to monster a RXP out of the hole.

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