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    Thumbs up Is 112,112,108 compression average

    Compression tested my 2001 gp1200r that I purchased on the weekend and got 112,112,108 on the cylinders is this a normal compression or is it to low???

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    Healthy engine should be around 150 psi and avenger is around 120 and around 100 psi is ok but will need consider for topend job sometimes later. Any under 90 psi need topend job. And As long as it's within of five psi then u are good to go.

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    Hi CotteeGP1200, You must have got a better pressure gage. The numbers of 112 is ok on your 1200 rebuilt ski .... the range if no mods is around 120, not aware of any 150 psi stock 1200's. If you did the test cold ... next time run or ride a little and check on warm engine Steve

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