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    Thumbs down 2001 seadoo xp 951 throttle problems? Taking on water?

    So after reading numerous forum threads about the gray tempo fuel lines and how big of a problem they are I decided yesterday to spend 6 hours of my time taking half the seadoo apart in order to change all of the lines. Before doing this, i was able to run the ski up to about 3-4k RPM and it would bog down but wouldn't fully die unless I tried to full throttle it. Ran a whole can of sea foam through the tank and still no better performance. So after changing all the lines yesterday and cleaning a ton of gunk from fuel line filter and the fuel selector valve I took it out on the water. I can get the ski to rev full throttle on the trailer, but not in the water. After changing the lines I can now cruise at 4500rpm without it bogging down until I start to make a turn, im guessing because that creates more work for the motor causing more pull. After all of that work yesterday it now smokes like you wouldnt believe, and it didnt do that before I changed the lines. I also am taking on water from somewhere, it happens both when I hook the hose up to the back of it to run on the trailer as well as when its in the water. After doing either, i unscrew the drain plugs and it seems like multiple gallons of water drain out. Which can't be a good thing. Do any of these things in combination make sense to anyone on here? I'm new to the sea doo world but definitely know my way around tools and engines from years of owning and working on motorcycles...

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    Ok good explanation of your problem, The carbs need to be stripped and cleaned out as all that gunk you found in the lines is in the carbs as well.Usually in the small mesh filters, if you keep running this like it it will seize the engine and cost you for a new rebore and pistons/rings.So dont run it,remove carbs and strip them down,If it was mine I would put a new genuine Mikuni rebuild kit through them so you know its correct
    Refer to parts diagram

    The water inside the hull sounds like a water hose has come off a fitting somewhere.Check all the hoses as per the diagram below especiall the one under the pipe at the side of the engine,its the cylinder drain hose

    Good luck
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    I see you found the forum grasshoppa!

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    I had a 2001 XPL that took on water. Finally found the problem, the previous owner took off the small bailer outlet hoses that stick into the venturi in the nozzle. It was pumping water into the hull instead of pumping it out.

    Look in the back of the nozzle, you should see two small hoses coming down from the top of the pump into the nozzle.

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    leaks are tough to spot on that particular ski. dry the hull out complete and then run it on the hose for a few minutes ( 5 tops) see if you can spot the water with a good flashlight.

    some strategic rags can help narrow the scope of the water leak.

    good point on the bailer tubes..ran into that for the first time every last year with a Polaris

    seeing what is involved with a 951 may have to get a realy good mirror and check the connections shown in the digram.

    if you missed the little filters inside the carbs..well those have to be changed. I'd do needles and seats too.

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    I agree with surf. Prob def the filters in the carbs. As for takin on water with thr hose it aint your bailers. If anything like my gsx. Your only hidden hoses to leak would be your engine drain (oppisite side of carbs). Fitting on your head. And your fitting under your pipe. Everything else is pretty visable...

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