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    Royal Purple Marine oil

    Anyone uses this oil in their ski's? Any feedback is appreciated.

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    I don't think that's meant for a wet clutch. I run Castrol Power RS

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    Doesn't mention "wet clutch" at all but i should be fine for the non=SC engines

    But this does..

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    I have been using royal purple in my 4 stroke seadoo for 4 racing seasons and have never had a problem,
    the chemist over there recommended the XPR-10w40 for wet clutch applications,
    I have been real impressed with all there products, I have had several past post here on the hulk about there oil, I also use there oil in my tow vehicle and my 2 stroke Polaris 785 pro,

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    That's what I was thinking. Royal purple it is. I use RP in all my vehicles for years. It's cheaper in Houston also cause it's manufactured here.

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