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    msx 150 turbo cartridge

    hi i have a 04 msx 150 that was only reaching max rpm of 4100 i conected a boost gauge between the turbo and the wastegate solenoid and i there was no boost reading. so than i removed the engine and i inspected the turbo i noticed that the compressor wheel blades are worn but the housing its still in good shape. i know that the turbo is a kkk k03 but iam searching on ebay for a cartridge to replace but seems that there are diferent sizes. can anyone help me to order the right cartridge.

    thanks James

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    When you inspected the turbo... was it "blown"? i.e. did it send lots of oil into the intake or exhaust?
    Was the turbo siezed? Had the impeller contacted the housing?

    Here is another recent thread about replacing a turbo:

    As recommended there... give Randy at WeberPower a call. He should be able to hook you up.

    I've only ever replaced a bad turbo with a known good one off an MSX... so not positive on which cartridge would work for them. Randy would probably know.


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    first of all thanks for your reply ripcuda. the turbo was leaking oil to the impeller side and yes it was contacted the housing.

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