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    Rtxt as mpg at 40

    Taking trip this summer,,what real mpg can I expect on rxtx. Cruising 40,,,,easy riding,,

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    believe it or not on a full tank loaded down I can get about 40 miles or so out of mine. 20 up and 20 back give or take 5 miles each way. Unfortunately the drone a 2k RPMs in the no wake zones sends me into a murderous rage.

    If you open up the intake and exhaust you'll see better economy

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    I have found that the 'real-time' fuel consumption in the dash can be your friend, if you don't have 'eco' mode.

    Keep the motor 'off-boost' and your range will increase signifigantly. Interestingly enough; 'eco' mode will keep your ski at about 40 mph/6K rpm...

    My GTR isn't 255/260 hp, but, under 6K is in the 5 to 6 GPH range, while 8K is 16 GPH

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    Both my father and I (08 TX and 04 RXP) have gotten 60ish miles on a tank when running down at Mudbug, with trail groups. Most of the riding was average, because 80% of the time was cruising without boost...the other 20% was when we would come out of turns and punch it, or an impromptu rolling drag with others...Otherwise we can do 50 on a normal run with atleast 2ish bars left...

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    I made a 30 mile run last season riding 1/3 in a 7knott zone, 1/3 in eco at 40mph and 1/3 at 90% WOT and calculated (exactly from full tank to refilled full tank) an average of 8 mpg. Riding solo with no luggage. Maybe this helps??

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