Who: Claude Clayton
Age: 32
Hometown: Tupelo, MS
Years Riding: 27
Years Racing: 13
Ski(s) of choice: 2014 Sea-Doo RXP-X, Spark and a Yamaha SuperJet
Other Interests: Motocross, mountain biking, road biking, travel, family, being successful!

The Watercraft Journal: How did you get involved in jet skiing? Could you give us a few highlights from your time with the industry?

Claude Clayton: I started riding at a really young age, WR500′s, WaveJammers, SuperJets, etc. We had a lake house on the Tennessee River at Pickwick Lake. I spent my summers there and grew up as a river rat with my oldest friend Barrett. We became enthusiasts in our teens and started watching watercraft racing on ESPN and had posters in our rooms of all our heroes. We would ride from daylight to dark.

Iíve had a fun career, and have been fortunate enough to win a lot of races. I won National and World titles as an Amateur and have had a lot of success as a Pro. I hope to add to that title-count and donít plan to stop racing any time soon!

WCJ: I know that you work closely with Tim Judge, what can you tell us about working with this mechanical mastermind?
CC: Iíve been really lucky to have Tim Judge in my corner for eight years or so. Heís somebody that I consider to be the very best at what he does. Heís a unique guy for sure; people that have been lucky enough to have them involved in their program understand what I mean when I say that, he just takes everything to the next level. His biggest problem is that there is only one of him and heís such a perfectionist that he wonít do anything half way, so it takes some time. However, if you are lucky enough to have Judge Power under your hood, or even luckier and have him build you a complete ski, you know that itís worth every minute and every cent.

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