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    x4-951 or modded xpl?

    Hi All,

    I am going to buy a x-4 with a 1050 kit in it or a 99 or newer xp with a 1050 kit on it, factory pipe mag pump, novis, ect. I am just curious as to what ski is a better ride. I own both, but I really love the look of the 99 xp, but I also know they are heavier. I just want to hope on and go fast is all. How are the x4 951 at high speeds as far as stability? just looking for some input on this as I really want one and its a lot cheaper and easier to buy them like this than build.


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    I have built a couple of the 951 x4's including a 1050 miller. they are fun as hell. they make awesome wavejumpers and sleepers. that much power in such a lightweight hull is pure adrenaline. I had a HARD time keeping mine in the water off the line. so much torque that it wanted to take flight if you nailed it. benefit was you could hop it pretty good on glass water and catch huge air in the waves. see my video.

    It's hard to get alot speed out of them. anything over 65 takes alot of tuning and $$$. but man do they get there quick.

    The extra weight of the 951 makes the hull tipsy at idle. on plane its like normal for a narrow hull. on top, they can get bouncy and may require trim tab adjustment.

    on the XPL, they handle great, shock seat is nice,and can also be tipsy at idle like the x4. they seem to like the chop better whereas the x4 likes glass water.

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