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    2006 STX 15F - help

    Hi I have a 2006 STX 15F that I am getting ready to sell but I dont have a clue what its worth it is in excellent shape with 85 hours on it and i cant seem to find any skis like this for sale to give me an idea of asking price. Any help would be awesome!! Thanks!

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    start with KBB and NADA book values..and then the part of the county your in comes into play.

    What's it worth?

    what somebody is willing to pay for it!

    Maintenance records help a whole lot for a seller.

    Galvanized trailer in fla is a +

    Salt water use without perfect maintenance is a -

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    Look on Craigslist in your part of the country to get an idea of the starting price. Price it a little below market if you want a quick sale, or at market if you don't mind waiting a while.

    Take lots of pics to accurately describe the ski and trailer, and don't be afraid to take a few pics of cosmetic defects. People are going to trust you more if you are willing to show the defects, and it will eliminate surprises when the buyer shows up.

    Be sure to fix any mechanical defects, including trailer issues/bearings/lights prior to posting.

    In addition to what nmpeter posted:

    - Be sure there are no title or registration issues, and have all the paperwork ready when the buyer shows up.
    - Take a video of you or someone riding the ski and say the date when you are recording the video. This is a huge + when selling because it shows it's in good running condition, is fast and fun to ride.
    - Take a video of you walking around the ski while on the trailer, describing it and its history. Start it.
    - If you are the original owner, be sure to call that out.

    Good luck!

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    Sold my 2006 STX15F(110 hours) with RIVA RPM KIT and trailer for $5500 in 2008. Gives you an idea what yours maybe worth.

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