The Cargo Wave is an inclosed trailer with a watertight hatch, easily hauling camping gear or just a cooler and some towels.

I was young, but I can still remember my father attempting to tether a pair of lawn chairs to a boogie board to the back of a first year WaveRunner. He had given up trying to somehow strap a cooler down to the makeshift trailer earlier and resigned to making several trips back and forth to our daytime camping spot on the lake. The ride over was slow going as the ski wanted to swamp with all of the extra weight, and the boogie board regularly wanted to flip over, spilling its cargo into the water.

It was a frustration exercise that would be repeated countless times later in my life. Unpacking the truck only to stand on the dock scratching our heads as to how to get all of our provisions to the other side of the lake.

If I recall correctly, I have memories of my brother idling his SuperJet with a loaded Igloo cooler in the tray. My only solace is that we were not alone in our misery. Most of you reading this have grappled with the same dilemma.

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