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    Video: Mark Gomez Executes First Superflip

    It wouldn’t be “Freeride Friday” without an awesome trick performed by arguably one of the most proficient talents in the sport, Mark Gomez. The little powder keg has risen up the ranks of jet skiing on the world stage, charging the surf on both hemispheres and impressing onlookers and his fellow freeriders alike. Mark is also one of the most affable characters, making it hard to hate him for brandishing Midas’ golden touch.

    In a recent session in Oceanside, California, Mark executed one of the most difficult tricks possible: the Superflip. Requiring the utmost in athleticism and vehicle performance, the Superflip has become the top ring to reach for in the world of freeriding, and this video shows just how masterfully Mark was able to pull it off.

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    That's awesome !!!!

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