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    Real-world Tests of 12 Corrosion Inhibitor sprays w/results

    Hey guys, i found a fresh and salt water real world comparison test of different corrosion inhibitors. the salt test involves leaving steel submersed in salt water - brutal!

    CRC Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor, and LPS-3 were the clear winners - no rust even after 8 days submersion in salt water.

    WD40 appears to be worthless against salt, however in practice, if the metal is stainless steel, has the salt water washed off, isnt submerged in water, and is dried off, and has a coating of WD40 applied each time, it will probably work just fine.

    also, per the manufacturer of LPS3, LPS3 is safe for rubber, plastic, etc unlike WD40. im not sure about CRC as i couldn't find that info.

    CRC and LPS3 both leave waxy visible films. I actually prefer the film to be visible so that i can see that its on there and not left unprotected like fluid film or T9 or wd40

    What isnt mentioned is a pre-heat test. since the engine bolts will get hot, evaporating most lubricants, that might effect the comparison. But i would imagine that a waxy film protectant like LPS3 or CRC will be fine even when subjected to heat.

    My plan so far is to use LPS3 or CRC for the interior engine bolts and parts, and a clear spray like XPS or fluid film for the exterior bolts.
    again, the exterior bolts are washed, dried, not left in the sun, not sitting in a pool of water, so they should be fine no mater what you spray them with. ive seen completely unprotected exterior bolts not rust even after years of non maintenance and salt water use. its the interior bolts im mostly concerned with that are subjected to salt spray, may not be accessible to washing, and sit in a humid environment if the seat is left on the ski.

    Keep in mind there are bolts under the intake manifold and exhaust and other components that you cant reach with your spray can or hose. those bolts can still rust. so i plan on some mild disassembly, spraying all bolts with LPS/CRC and then checking it again every 6 months or so (LPS3 residue will last up to 2 years)


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    Q 20 is good stuff. I use all the products from the nanotechnology spray to the blu for my firearms

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    Nice work!!!

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    use corrosion x hd on trailer,salt doesn't phase it.

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    I love Motul Multi-Protect for salt prevention but the Effing tree hugging douche nozzles in California have banned it and now they no longer make it available in the US. I have a tiny little bit left and I am hoarding it!!!!

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    dont forget boeshield.

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    I have been selling and using Corrosion X and Corrosion Block for years.
    Used in for saltwater on outboard.

    Corrosion Block is one of the best, to protect against saltwater and does a great job.
    But I have to admit never drown a whole outboard underwater....

    Corrosion X is thicker and will last longer, but issue with it... it does love to eat rubber!
    So spraying on harness, hoses is not welcome.

    I would go Corrosion Block if you want to protect your PWC it will do the job just fine.
    It will not eat away other stuff than metal.
    It is clean after drying.

    No product will last for ever, you will always have to re apply after a while when you rinse your engine anyway.

    If you want to apply a thick film that will repel water, use Quicksilver Corrosion Guard, it does an awesome job!
    But get dirty after a while.

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    And the brp spray is good?

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