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    Looking for gauge

    Anyone have or know someone that would be willing to part with a waveraider 1100 guage? Been looking online and they are almost 1/4 of what I paid for the whole ski so hard to divvy up that.
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    they are hard to come by, and are VERY expensive when you can find one. That's a nice looking Raider you have, I have a 96 760 that I bought with a blown up engine. Couple of suggestions.....get a ride plate and extended nozzle for it....helps tremendously with the handling of the raider hull. Also, if the original oil lines are still there, upgrade to 1/8 tygon lines and secure with oetiker clamps. (search the forums, plenty of pics and info on oil line upgrades). Its a skittish ski, but you'll love it once you upgrade the ride and handling. I love mine!

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    Yea it's seems to be that I won't be ordering one any time soon. Yea I'm looking at both those things, but right now me and my kids are just having a blast on it, best $1k spent

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