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    95 SLT 750 Stator Issues

    I just picked up a 95 SLT 750 on a trailer for $450. The guy works on base with me and assured me the last time he had it running was in November when he winterized it.

    I get it home and it turns over fine, just no spark on any cylinder. I go ahead and do research, pull the lanyard switch wires Ohm them out and its working fine, still no spark with the blk/ylw wire disconnected from the CDI.

    Move on to testing the Stator. Ohm'ed them out and here is what I got.

    Alternator coil 1.4 ohms - Higher than the .6 spec

    Trigger Coil - 220 - Spot on

    Pulser and Exciter Coils both ohm out as open.

    So where do I go from here. Just found out I will be moving at the end of summer and won't be taking this with me. Between the E-Box and Stator are there any connections that could be open?

    Can you get to the Stator with the motor still in?

    What would you do?

    Anyone wanna buy it for 400 lol

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    Have you checked cylinder compression?

    You want to know the engine is good before you start buying parts...

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