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    Newbie needs help deciding on skis

    I am new to ski's and have a choice. Please keep in mind I am on a budget, I have the choice of 2004 xlt 800 67 hours clean needs speedo cable button on gauge is cracked, gauges all work, comes w gal trailer $3600 wcompression test or 2005 fx140 72hours very clean new battery new impeller No trailer $4200 also w compression test. I cannot test ride either. Second is from dealer although they are selling for customer, he owes on servicing and they want to move it, first one is private. All insight greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Get it writing that it runs great or they fix it or take it for a test ride.
    I don't buy anything without a ride.

    Doooo you buy a car without driving it???

    Just my .02

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    Good point, thanks for tip.

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    2nd the FX.

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    I recently purchased my first ski (last summer)...without doing a test ride. Big mistake, lust got the better of me and now I'm chasing a cavitation problem (did some work over the winter hopefully its gone).

    If the seller won't let you take a test ride, then tell them you want to see them ride it and you need to hear it. Or have them take you as a passenger. If the seller is itchy about letting you hear it run or giving you a test ride...dump it.

    I think the guy I bought mine from would have let me take a test ride, but it was never discussed. Probably should have been.
    As for two stroke vs. four stroke? Mine is a 2001 SUV 1200...two stroke.
    just from a reliability standpoint...four strokes are prolly more reliable than twos...
    maintenance...fours get the nod there...
    No one...get one cheap...

    I live in kansas...not much worry about saltwater corriosion here...
    so I guess it boils down to how you feel about the seller....

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    fx test ride

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