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    How to fix a water logged Gauge and save $$$$

    This is for 06 STX 15F gauges and the like, I had an experiment so to speak, I knew how to fix Polaris gauges, came accross this gauge, it had alot of water in it so much I could shake it and with Batery conected did not work, screen seemed fine,never worked until one day I heard a beeping and realized the gauge was on well sort of, so this is the doos and donts,

    dont try drilling two holes in gauge to get water out with help of air compresser, lol

    If you think your gauge LCD is in good condition but has water in it and dont want to pay $900 for a used one give this a try;

    with a Dremmel, cut at a 45 degree angle right at the corner lip, basicly you will be cutting into the couner of back face plate, see pics , I tried first to cut into the seperating face plate point like on Polaris Gauge, but does not work, you will see my 2nd cut in courner of lip, about 1/8' or less deep, or you will cut the face plate, you dont want that, (note), watch out for the end with the buttons take it light here, now take a Flat head screwdriver and get all the access plastic off from cutting, try to seperate at both wide points, Take your time, you may have to go back an knock down alittle more, but not to much, may pop as you slowly ply, you will know what to do, then when seperated Push Rubber Bung/wires through, as seen,

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    Next you will see the main, metal suport rusted, this and all screws rusted need to be hit with a brass weel to clean up, take circuit board off and clean with Q-tips and alcohol, remove all rust it will come off, no big deal if you cant get the rust off under the circuit board from the metal support plate, Next is removing the white support plastic plate, next is remove the LCD Screen, (NOTE DO NOT PRY OR PULL ON WHITE LCD STRIP that is connected to LCD screen,

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    (NOTE) with LCD screen in and white plastic mount on the white LCD rubber filliment should be above white Plastic LCD mount, in my case the white LCD Rubber fillament had shrunk, when Lcd screen is removed should be some what attached to another screen with rubber frame remove ruber frame and screen from LCD, If yours has shrunk like mine, in other words the LCD white fillament did not get a good connection to the circuit board, I used some gasket seal on the rubber frame only on the side I needed to raise as seen in pics, let sit for an hour just so its tacky and start putting together.the white LCD strip should stick above white plastic Brace, put it back together, whith some tape and test, (note) do not over tighten screws but tighten the metel Bracket as tight as you can , AS YOU CAN. dont strip. if it works use Black 2 part epoxy resin, may have to dremal down after 24 hours for a good flush fit.

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