While we at The Watercraft Journal were patting ourselves on the back for a pretty snappy April Fool’s Joke, it would look like Sea-Doo was the one who pulled a fast one on us, and released a entirely new runabout (nearly mid-season, mind you) for 2014. No, we’re not kidding. And this machine is something that we think everybody can get behind of, although its not being marketed towards the masses.
Enter: the 2014 Sea-Doo Search And Rescue (SAR).

The SAR is almost a tailored-fit response to not only the cries of rescue responders on the race course, but also that of local municipalities and lifesaving departments who regularly venture into surf, whitewater rivers, flooded areas and the like. Advertised as being ideal for “evacuation, surveillance and interception,” the SAR is significantly more than just a dolled up GTI either.
The list of features added to this machine make it a virtual commando of life-saving. From the outside, the SAR is available in two liveries, the high-visibility red-and-yellow scheme shown here, and a more staid black-and-white combo. But the SAR is much more than fancy graphics and a color-coordinated seat.

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