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    Seadoo GTX RFI 2001


    I'm new on this forum.

    I'm looking for my first ski and have found a seadoo GTX RFI 2001 model.

    What are the bad points about these type ski?

    I want go looking for one and do a compression test, so can anyone tell me what are good values for these test?



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    the forum search is your friend here. This issue has been discussed quit a few times over the past several years. You'll find enough stuff to keep you reading for hours

    I'd advise against that model for your first ski.

    Look for a nice kawasaki 750 twin for around $1000, yamaha 700/800 for around $1500 or even a seadoo 4-tec for 3-5k RFI's can be lots of trouble when they start misbehaving and it's hard for newbies to diagnose and fix them.

    Oh yeah..welcome to GH!

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    Seadoo GTX RFI 2001

    I'm not a huge fan of the fuel injected Seadoo. That being said the Rfi is wayyyy better than the DI. For your first ski id stick with carbs

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    Compression should be 150 for the 787 and 130-135 for the 951

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