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    Yamaha ECU Interchangeability question

    Trying to determine if a 06 FX Cruiser HO ECU will interchange with a 08 FX Cruiser HO ECU

    The part #'s are the same on the Yamaha website

    ECU's look identical...
    06 has 6B6-20 engraved on the top
    08 has 6AA-00 on it

    Same, different?? Any help would be appreciated.

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    48 state ECU for 06-08 should be PN 6B6-8591A-20-00

    2008 CA & NY is 6AA-8591A-00-00

    They have catalytic converters and extra sensors for emissions.


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    CAn anyone help - I have an 04 fx1100c ho with a bad ECu - can fine a used one. will anyother year work?, are they repairable?

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