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    GPr engine upgrade

    Hi guys,i'm new here and also with gpr engine.I need some info about it because i want to use this engine for my project.I just need to know some opinion about which one is better to upgrade ,the 1200 bored to 1300cc remaining with carb and power valve,riva or r&d. Go with 1300 powervalve 2003-2004 and upgrade this ,or the last series 2005-2008?
    Suppose to porting,v-force or m-16 and all the rest but with single pipe.
    Also need some informations about fuel comsuption of the 3 stock pwc.Is there much differences from carb and last efi model? Do this ski comsumemore than a litre a minute or more at full throttle?
    Thanks everybody!
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    What is your project? Some of what you are asking may depend on what you are doing

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    I need to put this kind of engine in a friend little boat and we like to go fast with reliability. When i 'll search for the engine i want to know what will perform better with some minor modifications. Known that displacement is the best thing for sure a 1300 enginee will go faster and with more torque but will cost more to buy a used one. I've founded a running complete gpr 1200 for 2000$,difficult to find 1300 for this prize.
    Is it also possible to make a carb conversion for the i.e. engine changing ecu and what is needed?

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