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Thread: 02 4-tec Issue

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    02 4-tec Issue

    I have a 02 4-tec that has me stumped. It has about 80 hours on it. It has leaked oil slowly in the hull since I got it, the leak is getting faster lately.

    It runs excellent, no issues with running, starting on the other hand, not so good. It will start cold every time, in the water or on trailer. When it's hot it does not like to restart in the water, it usually sounds like it's turning over fine, just will not start. Sometimes takes 2-3 minutes of cranking(with breaks in between) to get it to run, then will sound like backfiring, barely running, for 15-20 seconds and then run perfect. It has never done this on the trailer, and I start it as soon as I get out of the water every time, so the water seems to have an effect on it.

    Very rarely when I try to restart it hot, the starter will do a half turn of the engine and stop and gauges clear, like the engine is hydro-locked, a couple tries and it will turn over and finally start.

    All 3 spark plugs have oil on the threads when I remove them, so I'm thinking the valve cover gasket is bad, but that can't be the cause for hard starting? I did a compression check, all three cylinders are between 185-190psi, seems high?

    What could be the issue here?

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    Seems your getting oil into the top end?
    Could be bad rings, or bad head gasket...
    Could imagine that your fouling the plug with the oil, then finally get it to fire, burns off the oil, and then runs alright. Would explain the hard start if plugs are getting smashed with tons of oil.

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    That's what it seems like, would explain the hydro-locking too. Looking down the spark plug holes, they all look dry, all 3 appear to have some rust on the tops of the pistons.

    Would a separate gasket be the culprit for the oil leaking in the hull?

    Where do you recommend I start? I'd rather do the work myself than take it to a dealer.

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    Is there any coolant in the oil?
    Or any oil in the coolant?

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    I would say no to both of those. The oil looks clean. The coolant looks like it's ready for a change, I don't know how old it is, but doesn't look like oil in it.

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    I would say rings then.
    Juat my guess.

    Your plugs have oil on them?
    Does your ski smoke?

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    Oil on the spark plug threads yes, not on the tip of the spark plug. No it doesn't smoke. It's a weird one.

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    How is the oil level? It should be right in the middle of the safe marks. Too much oil?

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    Oil level is in between the marks. It's draining pretty fast out of the bottom of the engine into in the hull the last couple times I took it out. So I'm constantly having to add more.

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    Check cranking voltage. May need a battery or bad connections. Voltage drops too low and it resets. In water adds load.
    Leak probably from rear pto bearing. Boot may be slipping.

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