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    2004 RXP code diagnostics

    I did a search but couldn't find anything. I ran my ski last September. Over the winter i pulled everything out and put it in a new hull. everything is exactly as it was in the old hull but now i have a check engine warning and running like a bag of horse manure. 5500rpm max mostly only at 5000rpm. anyone with any ideas.

    i tried taking it to a dealer but because the hull its in is different from stock they won't even plug into it. useless s. i did a tidy job nothing is hacked or anything so i don't know why they hesitate. heck its money in the jar for them.

    my location is Alberta if someone has the candoo thingy. otherwise all other suggestions are welcome.

    i will buy the candoo thing eventually just gotta save up a bit.

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    Check the plugs on the front of the motor...The plug to the oil sensor, and the plug to the green temp sensor...You might have them backwards...

    The one to the green sensor should have 2 wires to it, the oil sensor should only have one.....They clip on the same, and are the same length...

    If they are backwards, the ski will only go about 5000rpm then hit limp mode...

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    Push the mode button five times to see if you have any trouble codes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncdoo View Post
    Push the mode button five times to see if you have any trouble codes.
    Do that and then look at this for the code

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    thanks guys, i didn't realize you could retrieve codes like that. handy to know. i got code p 1502 which is tops. so i turned it over (so the writing on the sticker was upside down lol) and now it works flawless can't wait to get out to the river again! and when i do ill take some video for you

    actually on a side note I'm surprised it ran at all if the tops switch was upside down. essentially that means it could run while the ski is upside down?

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