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    Little help with 2001 XLT 1200

    Hoping i can get a little help with my XLT 1200 before the season gets underway in my neck of the woods...
    Last year i picked up a second XLT 1200 and had some cavitation issues with it..

    At that point i took the pump apart and i was missing the flat rubber piece that seals the nozzle to the impeller housing.
    I sealed this up with rtv and it made improvements, but still have some cavitation out of the hole.

    So my questions,
    1) How do i inspect verify in wear ring. impeller are still in spec or useable?
    2) if require replacement, what are my best options, keeping a budget in mind
    3) I intend to install a ppk when i'm working on the pump again....

    Now what i did do... I installed the wave eaters on both my machines.
    Have the 'd' rings ready for install, but understand this is an undertaking!!!
    When im doing the d rings, i'll change out the oil line clamps.

    Anything else??

    Mostly want to get the cavitation issue fixed as this is most annoying..

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    come on guys....i know someone has some experience with this machine!!

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    you would get better response in the Yamaha 2stroke performance section

    if you have a service manual, it tells how to check the wear ring/impeller and has all the torque specs for your job on the pipe removal/D plate job

    also try the advanced search function... lots of threads on D plates and cavitation

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