Hey, we all love Sea-Doo’s little “Rec Lite” class runabout, the Spark but its 60-horsepower leaves quite a bit to be desired. In a world of 310-horsepower supercharged machines and sub-2 second 0-to-30 times, it’s hard not to want a little more performance. Word of V-Tech Tuned’s insane turbo package for the Spark broke late last year and the numbers pouring out of the Swedish tuner’s shop continue to impress.

Our friends at WMF Watercraft are equally impressed and have recently announced that they are ready to begin converting your staid and simple Spark into a real screamer. Purchased through Jerry Gaddis’s top tier PWC performance store 4-tec Performance, Millsboro, Delaware’s WMF will quickly convert your entry-level 2- and 3-up Spark into a boosted and bad ass runabout in no time.
V-Tech’s Jonatan Holmelius explained, “Just a reflash will give the 60/90-horsepower Spark approximately 110Hp. With the turbo kit you can get [between] 140-to-180hp depending on the boost level you run. Even if you run the “low” 140-horsepower setting, you still get a lot more mid-range torque! From 6,000 rpm, you get approximately 40 horsepower more then stock…all the way to 8,500 rpm! Its a very nice improvement on both mid-range and top end!”

A major retailer of RIVA Racing parts, WMF Watercraft has proven itself as a go-to source top-tier performance tuning, having completed the gorgeous Miss Geico RXP-X Sea-Doos seen at nearly every boat show in the United States, not to mention their stellar tuning, repair and upkeep services.

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