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    97 challenger 1800 twin rotax service?

    Ok how long do these engines last? when do i need to change the pistons (do a general service)...the engines are losing power and their work is more and more erratic...they choke when trying to accelerate to higher revs and i would like to know how to restore it to new condition im willing to invest time and $ ...thanks for any info...


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    When was the last time that the carburators were cleaned?

    Check compression in both motors. No reason to do a rebuild if they have good compression. 140p.s.i is average.

    I have seen the 800 motors go for 500+ hours on a boat. Very good motor.


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    Sounds like your filter screens in your carbs are clogged d.

    You up for a carb removal and cleaning?

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    CLEAN THEM CARBS.. that's probably all you need to do... also check the jetp-pump oil and the wear rings while your down there..

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