My first ride of the season with the new upgrades was successful. I added a riva engine cooling and intercooler upgrade kit as well as the riva waterbox and 14/18 Skat Trak prop to the mods in my SIG.

Last season I ran a best 71mph. This season I ran 72mph even AFTER AN HOUR of riding. Air temps were about the same. I did not expect much gain but it seems the kit is helping with heat soak and not loosing power even after the engine gets very hot. Also, my MID RANGE (20-60) has improved a lot! I'm not sure if that is the prop or a little help from the water box.

I think with a ride plate i should be all over 75-76 which is pretty good on stock boost and IC. I just dont want my ski to be bouncing all over the place.

Hope this helps anyone who has thoughts about the cooling kit being worth it or not.