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    1999-2005 Ultra 150 -Rebuild YOUR Jet Pump -Parts and Shipping

    Hello Everyone
    So tis the season of Jet Skiing again!! And here in Ohio ,I can't wait!!
    After reading a lot of your posts,it appears you guys might need some work done. So since I'm retired and have been re-building my own Ultra 150's motors and pumps for the last 10 years or so, I'd thought I would see if any of you need any work done. (I ONLY WORK ON ULTRA 150'S) Let's start off with your Jet Pumps.
    I can rebuild YOUR jet pump with the new bearing and seals set-up for around $185.00 PLUS you pay for the shipping each way. Now the seal kit costs around $60-$65 plus shipping, So labor is around $100-$120..And you pay the actual shipping so you know right off what that will cost... I can turn this around in about 2 days at the present...NO WAITING..I WILL ANSWER YOUR CALLS.
    I don't know if you guys are interested , but I'd thought I'd see.
    I have rebuilt and sold probably 15 or so Ultra 150's over the last 4-5 years, with complete engine and pump rebuilds so references are available. If there is a way I could rebuild your motors also, I'd be interested...
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    Buyer beware! Do not buy anything from this guy. He does not have the proper knowledge to work on these ultras. He will take your money as if he knows what he is doing. Then when his work fails and ruins your jet ski, he will not stand by his work. He will charge as much as skiworx or any other company, but he will not do the work properly. This guy has a lack of character. He has ruined my pump, and I have sent it back to him twice and it still locked up every time. I have paid to ship the pump 4 times, and I have spent over $400 and I still have a non working pump. You would be better off setting your money on fire than sending money to him.

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