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    break in a spark?

    Hey guys sorry if this post has been made already i looked and didn't find one, But taking my new spark to lake in morning ill probably only get 4 hours of run time in with it tomorrow. Will someone please tell me the best method for breaking it in. Really excited supposed to be a nice day tomorow. First nice day i have time since i have had it

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    The book says 5 hours 1/2 to 3/4 throttle never exceed that then it says however brief full acceleration and speed variation contribute to a good break in. So how long is brief? like long enough to get it to top speed or full throttle then drop back down? Can i go from idle to full throttle at all? Sorry if im asking alot on this, i have never broke a motor of any kind in and dont want to screw up, yet i want to see what it will do tomorow.

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    3-4 20 min heat cycles varying throttle with a good cool down in-between. Then let it rip and never look back.

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    oh i dont plan on looking back much :P just dont wana kill my new ride over wanting to hot rod lol

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    ok so got 1 hour and 30 min on the clock this morning...and my hips are sadly have to work tonight and its going to be a rough one.

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