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    How Can I fit a Round Handlebar Grip to my RXT?

    The oblong grips that came on my new RXT just don't work for me. I mounted a set of old round grips but they eventually loosen and rotate. The reason is that the old style grips have a hex shaped male feature at the end that engages with a similar female shape at the end of the old style bars. The new grips have a notched bar end and a molded web feature at the end that locks into the notch. Has anybody found a round grip that fits the new style handlebars?

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    The top grip is the one I want to fit. The bottom one is what came with the boat.

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    The hex feature is visible in the end of the round grip.

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    This is the shape of the bar end.

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    There are two web shaped features that lock into the notches on the bars.

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    any 99+ grip will work. The older grip you have pictured is for 98 and older handle bars.

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    I did not know this. I will look for a newer style round grip. Thanks!

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