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    2008 GTI SE 155 P0326 Check Engine Code - HELP!!

    So I am brand new to Jet Skis and really did a lot of research prior to buying this ski. It's a 2008 GTI SE 155 with 137 hours on it. I just bought it last night, and the owner (very nice guy) said he just had it out on Saturday and it ran great. He did mention that the gas in it is 4 months old though and that he would top it off with brand new gas prior to use again. (it is ethanol free in there now).

    Well today I was too excited to go to the gas station so I went directly to the lake. Within seconds of being under power, the check engine light came on and spit a P0326 code. It's worth noting that the ski ran excellent, jumped right up on plane and hit 60-61 in a few seconds! From what I've seen it looks like this is a knock sensor code. Some people say that this needs to be replaced and won't be caused by old fuel, while others say it can be caused by bad fuel.

    I called the previous owner and he said that he's never had that code before and that it must be the old gas. So my questions are:

    1) Should I drain the gas that is in there (1/2 tank) and refill it?

    2) Should I just top it off with new gas and hope that fixes the problem?

    3) Can this code really be triggered by old gas?

    4) Will this code reset on its own or is it programmed within the computer now?

    5) If I do refill with new gas, is it a bad idea to use the ski this weekend until I can get it in the shop on Monday?

    Anyone that can help would be awesome!! I'm a newbie at this and really want to enjoy this ski!

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    Yes, that's one of the funtions of the knock sensor, to feel for incorrect combustion. Older fuel becomes unstable and loses it's original stored energy. This in effect is like using lower octane fuel (ignites too easily).

    You may be able to mix some higher octane new fuel into the existing, but to be sure I would myself drain it and throw it (or use it in the garden).

    It might also be worth running some injector cleaner through with the new fuel, as old fuel can leave sticky / nasty residue when it's left for an extended period of time.

    I'm pretty sure that will be your problem. Remember to winterize the ski properly at the end of the season, which includes adding stabiliser to the fuel.

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