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    Whats the lifetime of an Impeller and an Intake Grate?

    Dear all,

    I've been running on a Solas Concord SRZ-CD-15/20A and an R&D Aquavein Intake Grate 113-95004 since last summer and must of put a good 15 hours on it till today.

    Performance is great no issues but I always worry about the intake grate having micro fractures and eventually snapping or the impeller to loose it's integrity.

    I have 91 Hrs total but 15 on the above parts

    1) What do you recommend to have checked in my next service including the above?

    2) Should I have the above replaced as preventive maintenance and for safety?

    Your input is highly appreciated!

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    15 hours is nothing.

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    Hello lost_dog, 15 hours is bearly break in. You should always lay down under your ski prior to launching and just take a good hard look @ intake grate, shoe, and ride plate. Always looking to see if everything appears correct. This will assure that if you have a crack or loose bolt .... etc. That you hopefully notice it in time to make changes. As well, you should look @ the entire pump drive system around back, check for loose bolts, and any hose connections. Remove your seat and give your engine compartment a good look also. Check for any loose hoses, any loose bolts/fittings. And make sure no left over tools, spark pugs etc. By doing this before your 1st ride of the day .... you will have peace of mind all day long! Now go out there and ride your ski like you stole it.

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    Those two items should last as long as your ski unless you hit something or suck up a rock/shell

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    400hrs on worx grate
    110hrs on prop with turbo trying to destroy it

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