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    Parting out a Yamaha 2004 XLT1200

    I have been trying to fix my 2004 XLT200 for quite some time but do not have any more bandwidth to continue. You can look up my prior post about the rebuild. I have almost all parts of the PWC available for sale. Most are in excellent condition. I am located in Portland OR. Please send me any part request and I can send pictures and condition info. Parts include waveeaters, chip, D-plate, all carb/Engine parts, hull, computer etc....

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    Hello, do you have aftermarket intake grate ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OzarkYamMonster View Post
    Hello, do you have aftermarket intake grate ?
    LOL. wont fit a GPR

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    Here is a list of what I have available. This PWC was never used in salt water. Feel free to make an offer if you feel I have not priced an item right. I tried to list everything lower than I saw anywhere else for the Greenhulk community. Actual shipping will be added for all items.

    Item Qty Condition Price
    2004 XLT 1200 1 Good condition 1-2 small chips in upper hull. Color is Dark gray on white. Seats are in fair condition(no tears) 2500
    66v PV Engine 1 Has not been run on water since rebuild new
    pro-x pistons, rings, gaskets put in during build
    stock reeds 3 All new OEM read valves. One read cage has small
    Stator 1 225
    19-7170B - PRO X PISTON

    3 Under 2 hours use 75/each
    Riva D-Plate 66V Motor

    1 Under 2 hours use 45
    Powervalve WaveEater kit 1 Under 2 hours use 75
    Crankcase 1 Good condition 350
    Electrical box 1 Good condition 150
    Triple Carberator 1 Good condition 330
    Crank 1 Good condition 200
    Head covers 1 Good condition 125
    powervalves 3 Good condition 50/each
    Cylinders 3 2 original and 1 was replated by Millenium Technologies 200/each
    Power Valve Motor 1 Good condition 75
    Jet pump 1 Good condition 250
    Exhaust manifold 1 Good condition 40
    Exhaust resonator 1 Good condition 50
    Exhaust piping front half 1 Good condition 100
    Exhaust piping back half with
    d plate and cat sensor chip
    1 Good condition 100
    fuel tank 1 Good condition 30
    all other parts Good condition Make Offer

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    I'm interested in a good cylinder jug. I sent you a PM with my contact info.

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    Hi do you have a riva s3 stinger?

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    I will take the crank, as long as its good, and any jugs if you have them.

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    Second on crank

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    DO you have a XLT Ride Plate? (R&D)

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    do you have any jugs left? this thread went dead and no response.

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