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    Codes P1502, C2250-IS, C2231-IS

    Pulled these codes with candoo, looking to help a friend out he has a 2009 GTX-is 255 and is having these codes, i can delete them but they will not clear out .anyone with a similar issue and any luck fixing it?

    any possible way to test the components with an ohm meter to confirm if they are any good?

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    What anything recently taken apart? The codes randomly appear?

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    according to him it was a random, he was riding fine then it gave the check engine light and it has been down hill ever since. the suspension will work at random points and i have taken readings ohm from the tops sensor, i removed it from its mount and turned it over with the ski running to simulate a upside down ski and the ski did not power off, but that is a new sensor since they replaced the other one base on the same code and no fix.

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