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    Post ride, fzr & rxt-x

    two newbies
    2014 fzr svho
    2013 rxt-x

    Ok so we rode the skis friday and sat.
    Friday and sat morning we did the lake total of rxt-x = 6 hrs & fzr = 4.5 hrs.
    CRAZY POWER! i couldn't let go of the WOT, i was hooked.
    How long can i keep it at WOT?
    LAKE, the FZR had the rxt-x by a ski lenght at take off and up too about 300 meters it passes me. all 5 runs were the same. But we'll get use to th ski a little more and try it out again.
    Hopefully by next weekend i get me a gopro 3.
    NOW on the ocean, after the lake we decided to take it offshore. 3pm we were in the water and DAMN it was windy and wat i think you guys call extremely choppy. We both had trouble in the chop and couldnt go at all fast. maybe 5 to 10 mph, but the rxt-x did leave me behind by a mile maybe, lol. It was bad water holy smokes. I catched up and saw he was having trouble to, but i was really jumping. I think i had more fun. 45 min in the ocean and it wore me out.
    The rxt-x has a lot of fitures that are nice, damn i dont even have i clock or a temp.

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    Sounds like a good day then mate get some vid! And buy a watch haaa

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