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    No spark, fuse and cps? Need help locating them

    Hey guys. I recently bought a Kawasaki 1100 stx di, 2001 I believe. My brother bought it from a guy a couple years ago, put new plugs, fuel filter, battery, rode it litteraly once and stuck it in the garage for 2 years unused. I bought it from him, siphoned the gas out, added fresh gas and a new battery. In the driveway it would turn over but not stay idling without pressing the gas. So I took it to the lake. Same thing, had to give it gas to keep it going. I thought ok, just needs to run the old fuel out of the lines and all that. So I rode it around for about 10-15 minutes, seemed completely fine but shut off on me all of a sudden. When I would press the start button it tries to crank but doesn't turn over like before even if I have it has. Got towed in, looked at the plugs. They were kind if dirty. Cleaned then off, put them back, same thing. Got out the volt meter. Battery good at 12.4 starter relay had 12 going in 9 and change coming out... Is that normal? Kept following the hot, pulled a spark plug and touched it to the block, could not see a spark, volt meter showed nothing from the wire. Started googling and came across this forum, a lot of similar posts about emm and all but before I send it off I wanted to rule out other options. General consensus on checking seemed to be look at the crank position sensor to see if it's plugged in and all-- but no references I could find to where is this and what does it look like... Same thing with check the main fuse.... Where is it? People also said check the stator 10 pin plug coming out of emm but the problems they had didn't sound like mine is stator, it won't turn over at all. Thanks for the help!!


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    What do you mean won't turn over? The engine doesn't spin when pressing the start button. The CPS is what tells the EMM that the engine is spinning and reads the encoder ribs on the flywheel. The CPS should be on the flywheel housing somewhere. The TPS is another known issue. Did you use the correct spark plugs? The exact plugs specified are required for use in a DI. Other so called equivalents never work correctly.

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    Do a compression test. Sounds like it might have seized. Riding for 10 min then die is a classic seize. Having fuel issues might have been too lean and burned a pistion
    Remove the plugs, Does it crank/turn over freely and sound the same?
    Also, I think the ECM is water cooled, it may have cooked if that cooling was not working.
    Being a DI, ECM failure is common. has detailed parts diagrams, should help you find the cps.

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    pull the jet pump and check if the pump is free to rotate , sounds like the pump sleeve has clamping the impellor

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