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    ODI Grips on Stock RXP/RXT bars

    Hey guys wanted to start a post documenting my 2 hour project this weekend. While I like the stock RXP grips, I have used ODI grips on many other bikes/quads/etc and I love the feel of the Rogues. That said I ordered some from online and off I went. I started with the 120mm set as I liked the little extra wide feel and look to them. There are other sizes, but this is what I ordered.

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    After taking off the stock grips (pulling out center rubber plug) then unscrewing the 8 or 10mm bolt inside, the grips just slide off). Then there is a little key way that holds the grip on. Remove it. This is what you're left with.

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    Now that you have the old stock grips off you can go to work on the new grips. The ODI grips are about 1" too long so you need to make a spacer plug for the end. Now I researched this a couple times and looked around and wanted something simple so that I didn't have to resort to cutting/welding the bars. So I cannibalized an old set of renthal bars from an old quad that broke. Cut on size of the grip sections off and this will serve as my equivalent plug material. If you don't have an old set of bars, all you'll need is a piece of 7/8" OD pipe. Preferably made of aluminum or stainless so it doesn't rust being in the water.

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    What I decided to do was take the bar stock I had and cut it to fit in the old keyway area locking it in and being able to slide the ODI grip onto it. First I taped off the area of the stock bars by the keyway. I am making a template to transfer to the new stock to cut perfect. Once taped over area I started to trim area to transfer.

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    Next unpeel your tape and transfer to new bar blank. The only tools I used this whole process was an angle grinder with 1/8" cutoff wheel and 3/8" grinding stone, bench vise and mill bastared file. With the tape template on the bars I scribed a line then used the grinder to cut out the appropriate areas.

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