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    99 XP limited stock jetting specs?

    Hi guys,

    I have a ski in the shop that I'm attempting to repair for a guy that had previously had work done elsewhere. There was a bit of an issue over timing with the work being done so I'm thinking the shop may have intentionally changed the carb jetting which was at 75 low and 182.5 high. Can anyone confirm that these are the correct or incorrect jets?

    Initially it would lean bog and die off idle if you nailed it so I changed out the pilot to a 85 low which seemed to almost fix it.


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    From memory the stock jetting is 75 lows and 162.5 highs

    85 open 1.5 turns for the lows is good if the accelerator pumps are still working or 95 open 1.5 turns without them

    I run 165 highs closed on all rec 951s with 2.0 stock N/S with Black springs

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