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    2001 GP1200R Staring issues please help S.O.S

    Just picked up one today. Seller cranked it up when i got there ( in his yard). Got it home a few hours later and wont start. Maybe a carb issue. Should I try some starter fluid and see if it will crank? I am cranking and cranking and it still wont turn over. It has Fresh fuel and plenty of oil. Any info or ideas and I will try to the best of my ability. Just getting into the PWC world and this is my first ride.

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    stupid question, but is the lanyard in & does it have gas?

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    Also make sure the choke lever is pulled until it starts running. If that doesn't work you can put a tablespoon of gas in each cylinder through the spark plug hole. After sitting a while the fuel hoses can drain and its hard to prime again. That's why some replace chokes with primers. You probably have a few things to go through on it before you know what you have if you didn't do a water test on it.

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    no matter what have you try , DO NOT USE STARTING FLUID !!! that can ended costing you thousands.

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    is the fuel selector knob turned to the OFF position?
    Battery cables tight?

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    Problem solved?

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