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    oil leak

    hi all,

    just noticed i have an oil leak from the middle of the oil filter cap where the bolt goes through. I'm about to do an oil change is there anything i should look for?

    actually i have just done 5 oil changes but not the filter yet. boat was sunk so been getting water out of engine.

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    5 oil changes and NO filter change on a SUNK boat?!!
    Boy you just opened a can.......Hang on!

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    Change the "o" ring on the bolt and the 2-"o"rings on the cap.

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    yeah it sunk thursday was recovered friday. and couldn't get it out of the bush until satruday afternoon. so i changed the oil 5 times sunday until it was more or less clear and no milkiness. then ran it for 20-30 mins as per manual. now the next stage is to change filter and oil one more time. thats how i read it anyway. as far as i can tell its moisture free now.

    i read on here there is an upgraded cap? its an 04 rxp. but in a different hull.

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    I bought an aluminum cap some guy was selling on ebay.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	$(KGrHqUOKj8E342NF85+BOGmRGSgIw~~_3.JPG 
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    Not sure if he'll be selling anymore of them. But sure will make removing that cap easy.

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