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    Jet SKi Conditioning/Workout/Fitness


    l'm pretty new on the forum. Working for a last 10 years on motorsport conditioning, especially PWC and motocross/enduro. Registered kinesiologyst (master degree).

    What you think about conditioning in PWC racing?
    Are you thing that nutrition is important in motorsport?

    If you interested in motorsport conditioning you can also check out my FB page:

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    Sure..cardiovascular (running ,swimming) and weight training (high reps)and I believe the most important stretching and isometrics play an important factor if you wanna ride fast keeping up with your buddies in the rough chop or race watercross doing 65-70 mph @ about 90* turns around buoys ,but if you rec ride it's not a must.. But good diet and fitness is always good...

    Keep in mind that the Grip is your link to your ski same as your MC ,wanna make that strong,your knees wii take a pounding in the chop so work on those legs your gonna want to be flexible....

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