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    03GPR mid-range hesitation

    Hey guys:

    I water tested my 03GPR a week ago for the first time and the thing runs like a bull and is really fast, will GPS it soon. Having said that, I did notice some hesitation in the mid range of the RPMs. Not bogging, not slowing down, just hesitation. I was running on gas that I did not put in, so no idea of how fresh it was and ran the bike as I bought it, haven't had a change to go through it. I'm attaching a pictute of my RIVA EFI controler. I have never read one of these so: is this 5-5-1-7 or 6-6-1-8?? These numbers are pretty close to what WFO Rich recommends in one of his posts about EFI controller settins for this engine. Are these my optimal settings? My mods are in my signature-thanks in advance for all your help!

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    if i best remember ,wfo told me once that the optimal setting for the pv engine was 5-6-1-7, but it has been a very long time since i even play with my own.

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    Pretty sure that the mid range hesitation you are seeing is it 5000 to 6000 rpms. If so that is the nature of that beast. You can play with the adjustments but it never completely goes away.

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    non powervalves have a dead spot in the mid, but not usually power valve motors

    your settings there are 6 6 1 8

    lower the last one to about 6 and see what that does

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    Thanks Rich my bad.

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    Thanks Rich, as always very helpful. Will change settings, test and let you know,

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