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    PWIA Launches 2nd Annual Safe Rider Program

    In an effort to help support safe boating practices, promote education and personal watercraft responsibility, the Personal Watercraft Industry Association (PWIA) has kicked off its second annual “PWC Safe Rider” program.
    Sponsored by the PWIA and supported by its members BRP Sea-Doo, Yamaha and Kawasaki, the Safe Rider program encourages riders to take the “safe rider pledge” by going to, and filling out the promise, as well as download additional safety materials and information about the “Safe Rider” campaign. For those who complete the pledge, an exclusive decal will be mailed out.

    Safe Rider’s pledge form asks that all PWC riders agree to the take the following steps towards safety and fun on the water:

    •*** Scan the water for hazards and other boats

    •*** Avoid aggressive maneuvers

    •*** Follow local boating laws, including rules to prevent the transfer of invasive species

    •*** Examine your equipment

    •*** React to conditions

    •*** Insist on a safe distance from other boats, swimmers and fixed objects

    •*** Drive sober

    •*** Evaluate weather and waterways

    •*** Respect the environment by avoiding fuel spills and operating close to marine life

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    Thank you for this!!! You know, that's something that has really impressed me so far about the people I've met while riding: Seems like ALL of them pretty much do all of that already. It has a lot to do with personal responsibility and respect for others/the environment.

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