Today’s hyper-competitive world of freestyle jet skiing requires the very best in equipment. Long gone are the freestyle tricks that made Scott “Hollywood” Watkins legendary – 360s and headstands in the tray, fountains and nosestabs. If you’re not attempting a scarecrow or no-handed backflips, you’re not on the scoreboard.

So when you fork over your hard-earned money for what you believe to be one of the finest machines available on the market today, you expect to be getting the best. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened to Marcus Marchant. Marcus sold his modified SuperJet to allow him to purchase what he thought to be a “resprayed 2012 Rickter XFS.”
Unfortunately, the counterfeit unveiled itself upon immediate reception. As one familiar with the build quality of Rick Roy Products, Marcus was dismayed to see the sloppy construction of a fake. Sold by a “Maurice” at Jetimport CUBILLAS, Rick Roy Products has been made of the knockoff and will be handling preserving the veracity of their fine products on their own (most likely legal) level.

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