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    Flush plug blew off. ZXI 1100

    I bought a used 1996 ZXI 1100 a year ago. Runs great. I have never had to hook a hose up to it and I noticed the previous owner attached a "rigged" hose plug and clamp on the flush port. I really thought nothing of it until today. After running the ski for a few hours i noticed that it was lagging just a bit and had slower speeds. Almost like another person was on the ski with me. When i pulled the ski out of the water to head home, I unscrewed the drain plug (I usually get absolutely no water coming out) and i was surprised to find it shooting out heavily. I pop'ed off the seat and it was about 4 inches deep!~ (came up to the impeller shaft with the ski tipped back on the trailer.) The "plug" that the owner had put on the flush port had popped off and I presume is somewhere in the bottom of the ski. Apparently it was just shooting water in the engine compartment for a while, hence the lagging due to all that water weight. Glad i stopped when i did.

    1) With that much water in there, is there anything i should be doing to prevent future engine problems? ( I am already air drying it now) Should i spray it down with fogging oil?
    2) What is the replacement cap called?.. I can't find it on the parts fiche.


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    I would run the motor to get some heat in it and dry it all out. Then fog it. It would be best to take it to the lake and run it to make sure there is no moisture left in the motor.

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    are you salt or fresh water? If salt you really need to spray down the engine compartment with the garden hose and then cover everything with some kind of rust inhibitor or anti-corrosion spray. Some people use WD-40, I stay away from it and just use the yamaha maintenance spray (blue can), I'm sure there's better products than that also but it gets the job done.

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    It was fresh water.. I guess my primary concern is if the water in the compartment will cause damage? It seemed to be running fine, i just wanted to make sure it isn't a serious concern. At what water level would i need to be attentive to other problems? I went ahead and fogged all the parts i could reach.

    anyone know what the "plug" is called to seal that nozzle before i ride again?. Or will a flush kit have a plug in it I can use?


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    It doesn't sound like you got too much water in it, and the fact that it's fresh water there shouldnt be any problems. If you fogged it good and sprayed the inside with a rust inhibitor you should be all set. Your local hardware store should have a plug. Can you remove the fitting, or bring the ski to your local hardware store? They should be able to help you out.

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    If you have the original flush port, you need a replacement rubber plug, #11012-3757; and a hose clamp #92170-1283. Here's a picture of the parts catalog:

    I'd suggest you look into a flush kit on Ebay. This ad shows an assortment of various flush adaptors:

    Finally, make sure your hull has been modified with the plate on the front. This particular hull was dangerous. It could suddenly and unexpectedly flip over while running at full speed. Do a search here for more info.

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    As the others have said, I really don't think you have a problem. The same thing happened to me last year in fresh water on my ZXi900. My stock cap and clamp blew off so I wound up fixing it with a cut piece of hose with a screwed cap, and a clamp. It works great, but I keep an eye on it. You've already gone through the steps of fogging so again, I think you're fine. Just keep an eye on whatever fitting you've put back on there.

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