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    how to straighten crooked drive shaft on 1995 polaris slt 750

    I had a drive shaft vibrate and strip the gears in the impeller. I posted a picture of the engine when I first got it and realized I needed to rebuild the carbs. Someone said my drive looked crooked. I was wondering the best way to check it, so I dont mess up the new shaft and impeller, if it is even out of align. The gears connecting to the impeller are worn on one side and angled up, making it almost sharp. I do see where someone has had the complete drive off at some point. Thanks for your advice

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    You typically align the motor to the jet pump, not the jet pump itself. You will need to remove it via the 4 long bolts, along with disconnecting any steering, trim, or reverse accessories that may be installed. Once removed, inspect the jet pump for distortions, then remove the drive shaft and make sure it is straight. You will need to obtain an alignment tool to reassemble and to check that the motor and jet pump are properly aligned.....

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    That alignment tool is expensive, could I use a similar size pipe or wooden rod to check alignment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonmd13 View Post
    That alignment tool is expensive, could I use a similar size pipe or wooden rod to check alignment?
    The alignment tool is expensive because the tolerance specifications are very precise.

    Pipe and wooden rod are not going to be accurate enough.

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