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    Smile Ordered My RXP 04 Decals..WILD or WHAT !!

    I can't wait to have these put on within the next couple of weeks just in time for riding. I have changed my impeller 14/19, worxs grate, thinking of adding some other goodies but damn the add ons are expensive $1000 for each mile per hour faster...So i took the first step in just making the ski look tricked out with the graphics and who will make me look faster at least and flashy...for the seals !

    will post the finished product....once installed

    I have never seen detailed graphics like he's making...NEVER ! until now

    thanks to the countless hours of peter at
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    I wanna see em on a ski dammit...


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    Cool man! look forward to seeing em on the ski.

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    Yea get those pictures up asap!!!

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    I ordered a couple of small sample decals from him a little over a week ago. I am anxious to see them show up to see what kind of quality they really are before dropping the cash for a larger set to possibly do the whole ski. I would really like to see some pictures of an actual ski with these applied as well!

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    I am posting a link to more details.

    Hi everyone, I finally finished up another set of graphics for the RXP. I spent a little extra time and added a few more interesting details and panels.

    I am going to print tomorrow and it will take three days before the package is ready for handling. (there is a cure time for the solvents to set prior to laminating)

    After seeing it across dual monitors for more than a week now, I can't wait myself to see it in full size/real time/real life. LoL (It always blows my mind)

    I expect to be doing the installation over the coming weekend!

    Will keep everyone who finds it interesting in the loop as well.

    In mean time, here is a link to a page which has a very large image on it. Give it about 30 seconds to load and you will see all the depth and nice details. (scroll the page)

    Many thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SideFX View Post
    I expect to be doing the installation over the coming weekend!

    Good luck with install, I could not do it, my registration stickers are on crooked. Damn it much be the crossed eyed thing.

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    Peter that looks great! Keep us posted

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    MFG. SPECS (highest quality currently available on the planet)

    These are the specs from the manufacturer. They are pretty good. The product is not vinyl, it is PVC. Most new plumbing is made from it because of the life span.

    ORAJET 3951 Professional Wrapping Cast Inkjet Media
    Grey repositionable, permanent adhesive with 4 year removability; leaves little or no adhesive residue
    Clear adhesive for transparent finish

    Front Material
    Premium Cast PVC film, 2 mil

    Release Paper
    PE-coated silicone paper, 80#

    Technical Data
    Adhesive Power
    (FINAT-TM 1, after 24 h) min. 4.1 lb/in2

    Available Lengths
    164 foot rolls (50 meters)

    Available Widths (in inches)
    15, 30, 36, 48, 54, 54 RW, 60

    Minimum application temperature
    +50 F

    Number of Colors
    white, transparent

    Outdoor Durability
    (based on vertical surface exposure) 10 years

    Surface finish

    Temperature Resistance
    adhered to aluminum -58 F to +212 F no variation

    (without adhesive and release liner) 2 mil

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    Peter, You are GOOD!...
    thanks for the tech...PR...

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