I took my Jet Ski out to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on Monday and fished for Tautog using live fiddler crabs for bait. It was blowing 15-20 knots and was slow fishing but I still managed to catch nine Togs in the three hours I was out.
Last night I cooked some Tog Tacos for dinner, I do it different almost every time but here is how I cooked them.

First, stop at your local bait and tackle and pick up some Tog bottom rigs cause you forgot yours at home.

Then you got to get out there and CATCH YOUR DINNER!

Get back to land with you catch, take it home and CLEAN YOUR CATCH!

Get all your groceries together and prepare to COOK YOUR CATCH!

Cut up tomatoes, onions, tomatoes and lettuce.

Pan fry the Tog Fillets in a little bit of olive oil with some Cajun and Lawry's seasoning. At the same time simmer diced up tomatoes and onions.

After cooked, break up the fish into chunks and mix in cooked tomatoes and onions.

Generously mix in some Chipolte mayo with your cut up lettuce.

Put it all together. Don't be shy, heap it on so that you barely close up the Taco. I put in the fish mix first, then a bunch of shredded cheese and a lot of sloppy lettuce.

I served up my "Tog Taco Platter" with a side cucumber salad and some chips. That's one way to CATCH IT, CLEAN IT AND COOK IT!

Of course I took a couple pictures around the house as well!