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    Soo my seat is coming apart at the threads on my rxt....

    Seeing how i just spent about 1200 dollars in mods for my rxp im not trying to buy a new seat where would you guys take this for repair or should i just try and whip out the ole needle and thread?? What type of thread, does it matter?

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    pull the old staples, seal it with upholstery glue on any tear, rip or place where the thread is pulling and cover it with one of the many seat covers available.

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    you design color scheme, under 200$

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    Jettrim. Its the only way to go.

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    If the vinyl is still soft and not torn anywhere just have it resewn. Take out all the staples and pull the cover off yourself. ANY upholstery shop can restitch it and staple it back on for you. Probably be in the neighborhood of $50.

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