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    93 Polaris SL 750 Good condition

    Up for sale 1993 Polaris SL750 personal watercraft. This machine has been well maintained and is ready to go. The watercraft has all the maintenance done and is current. All it needs is tabs which I have the paperwork for and a drain plug (about 5 bucks). This ski has all good piston wash readings. Which is important in determining if it's running correctly (lean/rich). Things I've done to it and replaced...

    -Newer upgraded carburetors from Polaris 780 (better internal components more reliable) internals have 40 hours on them ($150)
    -New fuel and oil lines ($50)
    -New fuel and oil filters($20)
    -Driveshaft alignment ($80, most are way off from the factory)
    -New seals on jetpump assembly ($20)
    -New driveshaft ($150, just installed brand new)
    -New through hull bearings and seals ($50, just installed brand new, have upgraded through hull assembly where you can replace the seals and bearings instead of buying whole assembly)
    -New triple outlet fuel pump ($40, original single outlet caused a lot of holed pistons this fixes that problem)

    The hull on this ski is in pretty good shape for its age. No leaks whatsoever. I'm selling because I have small kids who aren't interested in this yet and I don't have the time to use it myself. Comes with a dolley for moving it around in the garage no trailer. I also have a set of sponsons that I never installed but purchased for the ski that will come with it. It also has a valve to close off the intake if you want to tow the ski on water behind a boat, it prevents water from entering the engine when its not running and being towed.

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    $1300 b/o

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