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    2003 FX 140 need piston rings replaced. Is it complicated?

    Hi I need the piston rings replaced on all 4 cylinders on my fx140. Compression is 40 40 60 40. If I add a few drops of oil to each spark plug hole I get 130 130 120 150, which I was told is most likely piston rings from it not being winterized. I recently tore apart an SUV 1200 motor and that motor wasn't difficult to tear down. I'm nervous about tearing the 140 apart because of the timing chain. I have never touched a timing chain on a ski or a car so I'm wondering if I'm likely to mess up the timing, valves etc. I'm wondering if there's timing marks on it.

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    Rebuilding a 4 stroke FX engine is definitely more complicated than a 2 stroke, but it sounds like you could handle it. Look for posts by "cyrillefrenchy" or contact him. He posts on this forum and over at PWC Today. He owns a rental business, and has probably rebuilt more of these engines than anyone else. He has also posted a guide to rebuilding a FX engine someplace. You can probably find it if you do a search.

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    Excellent. I tried searching for the specific model ski, probably too specific. I will check his posts out. Thanks

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